Rain Bird rain sensor

The RAIN CHECK device is necessary in all irrigation systems for homes. Controls rainfall levels and automatically activates the programmer to avoid unwanted irrigation cycles.


- Works with all 24VAC output programmers
- Does not change irrigation schedules, but automatically interrupts the watering cycle when rainfall exceeds the predetermined level. Automatic return to normal watering
- The rainwater collected in the collector evaporates faster from the soil moisture, to allow watering if necessary
- Easy installation with adjustable mounting base
- Connected by common cable
- The collector can be removed to be cleaned
- Adjustable stainless steel sensing pistons, offer the possibility to start the device even with a rainfall of 3.2 mm, or when the rainfall reaches or exceeds 12.6 mm.


  • Length: 20.3 cm.
  • Height: 10.2 cm.
  • Width: 6.4 cm.


Rain Bird rain sensor

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